How affordable is Vietnam?

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We have great news for you:)

Your tuition costs here will be a fraction of what you would pay in your home country – and you will graduate with a globally recognized degree (with fully transferable credits).

Also, Vietnam is one of the most inexpensive countries in the world to live and travel within.

Accommodation, transportation, food – all are super affordable.

In terms of value, Vietnam outperforms the western world in almost every aspect. 

Please see chart and video below to show you just how affordable Vietnam is. 

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Cost of Living in Vietnam
  DETAIL COST NOTE          
In school’s dormitory $100 – 150 (monthly), in a sharing room with one other student. If students want to stay alone, they need to spend $200 – 300. (FPT Da Nang campus only).            
Outside school $150 – 300 (monthly), the cost can be more depending on student’s budget and need.            
Bus ticket $0.10/per you can buy a monthly package with the cost $10/month.            
Taxi $0.06 cents/km Grab taxi available            
Motor-taxi $0.05/km Grab motor-taxi available            
Motorbike $300 you can buy a used motorbike to move around the city.            
Food, etc            
Pho $1.5 – $2 Pizza $3 – $6            
Bun cha
(noodles with grilled pork)
$1.5 – $2 Fried chicken $3 – $5            
Banh xeo
(steamed rice flour pancakes)
$2 A glass of beer (0.5l) < $1            
Nem lui
(grilled meat roll)
< $1/pcs A bottle of water < $1            
  Com ga
(chicken rice)
$2 A cup of coffee $1 – $2            
  Com rang
(fried rice)
$1.5 – $2 A cup of mixed fruit $1 – $1.5


Accommodation Costs in Vietnam.

Renting an apartment in Vietnam is really easy and cheap.

Depending on location, rental costs are around $250-400 for an apartment.

Apartments and houses are in abundance Vietnam and you should allocate 1-2 days to find something to meet your preferences – and of course we are willing to assist you with this if you like.

Living costs in Vietnam

Living costs in Vietnam are also very very affordable.

Not only is eating out very cheap ranging from $2-$10 for a meal but also grocery shopping is also waaay less expensive than the west.


Transportation costs are very affordable. Vietnam has “Grab” which is equivalent to Uber.

Another way to get around is by motorbike, you can buy or rent a motorcycle with rental prices around $50 a month.

You can buy a bicycle here for under $50.



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