Working in Vietnam!

Dear Undergraduate,

Vietnam benefits from a thriving teaching scene. Many expats come here just to teach English and life the dream – and this is a great way to make money alongside your studies.

Alternatively there is also hospitality work available. Many bars, restaurants, hostels and clubs are always looking for new staff to promote their establishments.

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The Team at 3 Year Dream


Teaching English Pays GREAT!

Teaching English in Vietnam pays VERY well. The national average for teaching English is around $20USD per hour and this can also go up to $25-30 with experience.

Part time jobs in Vietnam

Yes! That’s right: you can study in the daytime – and teach and earn money in the evening!

Hospitality Work

Many hotels, bars and cafes will offer you a salary *and a free room* in exchange for work. This can be really useful while you are studying as it eliminates the cost of rent:)


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Your Student VISA is processed + travel and accommodation arranged (if necessary).
And then YAY it all begins!

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