Your Student VISA

Dear Undergraduate –

Everyone knows: the place to be right now is Asia.

And everyone is find out: the place to be in Asia – right now – is Vietnam.

Vietnam’s culture and economy is exploding with energy and in a very BIG way – Vietnam’s status is definitely on the rise.

However, getting here and staying here is now always easy. 

Our undergraduates will receive 1 year renewable Student VISAs.

Our universities will also help you find part time work while you study – and assist with developing your career here after achieving your degree.

Yours sincerely,

The Team at 3 Year Dream



Cost of VISA:

Single-entry VISAs are only $11USD/year.
Multiple-entry & exit VISAs are $150USD/year.

Smooth Process!

We will make sure your VISA is processed as simply and easily as possible.

Membership has privileges!

Once you come to Vietnam you may never want to leave – and that’s ok!
We will help you make your dreams come true:)



Contact us & apply!
We will work together to select your program and university – and then you will submit the required docs.

You will receive your Conditional Letter of Acceptance + your Fee Payment Plan.

Then you will pay your 1st Year Fees.

Your Student VISA is processed + travel and accommodation arranged (if necessary).
And then YAY it all begins!

Begin your journey today!